The Scottish Government introduced its new policy of Extending Free Personal Care to the under 65s (aka Frank’s Law) on April 1st.    Thousands of people stand to benefit from this and we have produced a guide to what the policy means and what disabled people can expect from it.   

Scotland Against the Care Tax has campaigned against care charges for ten years and welcomes this new policy as a major improvement in the lives of many disabled people. 

But we believe that many will be disappointed in this new policy as they find out either that they don’t qualify at all or that even though their Personal Care is free that they are charged enough for the balance of their care that they are no better off. 

Jeff Adamson, Chair of SACT has already found himself in this position.  He receives 80 hours of care a week and has been told that 64 hours of this are Personal Care and are delivered without charge from April 1st.  However Jeff is still charged £170 per week for his care charges for the 16 hour balance, exactly the same as he was charged prior to April 1st

We have some stories about people ending their care packages as they find they are not covered by this policy and have instead been hit by other local authority charging increases. 

We are collecting evidence over the next couple of months to help us report to the Scottish Government about what the experiences of disabled people are with this new policy.   We are hoping to collect between 40 & 50 cases from all parts of Scotland.   

We would be grateful if you could share any anecdotes or case studies of the effect this policy of extending Free Personal Care has had.  (All stories should be suitably anonymised unless the person would like to make a particular point). 

Please send any reports that you can to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by June 30th

The following organisations collaborate as part of Scotland against the Care Tax.  It should not be assumed that each of them agree with all articles on this website or other materials produced by SACT 

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