Council Reports

  1. Aberdeen - Sent us a copy of 2011 policy implying they have made no change to their charging policy since 2011.  There was a proposal to make changes in 2014 that was abandoned after local protests.   There has been no committee decisions since then as far as we can ascertain.   We assume they have raised the local income disregards in line with national proposals.
  2. Aberdeenshire - fully updated.
  3. Angus – has raised the taper from 66% to 70% plus disregards to COSLA levels – No longer any mention of a maximum weekly charge (used to be £100.)
  4. Argyll & Bute has now introduced a third level of Income Threshold for those between 18 &24 presumably based on lower state benefits. This is £113 per week compared to £132 locally for those 25 and over.  Note that all income thresholds are £1 lower than other areas because of policy of rounding down in the council’s favour.   They use state retirement age as defining characteristic of old/young split
  5. Clackmannanshire – still use the 16.5% allowance meaning that Income Thresholds are much lower for this area - £120 for young single people and £170 for older single people. This is a major challenge to the Scottish Government.   They have introduced a £15.15 weekly allowance for DRE for those with High Rate DLA  plus an additional £4-£6 per week for heating depending on level of DLA/PIP.
  6. Dumfries – now keep 50% of earnings. They reduced income thresholds last year (ending a single age income disregard) and now 3 out of 4 are actually below COSLA levels by a £1 or £3.    Savings levels not increased since 2014. 
  7. Dundee – Local maximum weekly charge of £108 – a large range of local rates for housing support presumable based on actual prices form £12.70 to £19.05
  8. East Ayrshire – This area has reduced the savings level for younger adults to £6,000 from £10,000 before having to contribute. This is another example of the COSLA Financial Assessment Template being used to make disabled people pay more.
  9. East Dunbartonshire – now allows £25 of earning to be retained. Also cut savings level to £6,000 (See East Ayrshire)
  10. East Renfrew – sent policy report from 2014 and said this was latest. Found some charging increases for 2017 on their website but the council is drawing up a new policy that has not been agreed yet.  
  11. East Lothian – introduces tiered taper or 40% on income less than £50 and 55% on higher incomes. Introduces higher capital level of £16,000.  Those with more than that have to pay full amount.  Cosla recommendation is 26,250. 
  12. Edinburgh – no charging policy in place currently but information on website. Still have single income thresholds for all ages. 
  13. Eilean Siar - Taper has been increased from 50% to 70% (a 40% increase). Also reduced the savings level for younger adults to £6,000 from £10,000 before having to contribute. (See East Ayrshire) 
  14. Falkirk – Lowest maximum of £28 per week.
  15. Fife – No increase this year but still continues flat rate charging for respite, day centres, alarms and meals.
  16. Glasgow - Updated
  17. Highland – Have a new section of income disregards as they cut the more generous levels last year. 
    1. Under 65 (preserved service users pre April 2016)
    2. Single Person £177
    3. Couple £269
  18. Inverclyde - Again a saving threshold reduction for under 65s but still free community alarms
  19. Midlothian – Can’t be sure about thresholds as still use 2014 policy. Again a saving threshold reduction for under 65s - (See East Ayrshire)
  20. Moray – Has reduced taper from 100% to 70%
  21. North Ayrshire – Sent us a copy of their 2011 policy. Can’t be sure about thresholds.   Some information from COSLA survey.
  22. North Lanarkshire – Raised taper to 50% from 38%. Some confusion about whether SDS users have to pay.  I think this is down to transitional protection for those on SDS prior to 2014. 
  23. Orkney Islands – Say they are using COSLA guidance which is meaningless for much of the detail.
  24. Perth and Kinross – no policy available till end of June – Last year reduced the savings level for younger adults to £6,000 from £10,000 before having to contribute. (See East Ayrshire)  Proposal to end “generous” income thresholds next year. 
  25. Renfrewshire – Reduced taper from 85% to 50%
  26. Scottish Borders – Has increased taper from 23% to 65%. They allow 20% of PIP/DLA for DRE.  Doubled the price of community alarms
  27. Shetland – Slightly varying income thresholds from the norm. An offer to calculate DRE individually. 
  28. South Ayrshire – Say they are using COSLA guidance which is meaningless for much of the detail.
  29. South Lanarkshire – No new policy available yet- last year increased taper to 60% from 50%
  30. Stirling – DRE - Allows 21.66 for those on high rate DLA  and 3.85 for those on lower PIP/DLA
  31. West Dunbartonshire – No response but some info on website
  32. West Lothian – now use single income thresholds for all ages at the higher rate.