Local councils are allowed to charge people who receive any non residential social care services that they provide.     Each council has its own plan for how to charge.  Here is a list of some of the things that councils charge for.  

How much they charge varies from council to council.   One council can charge £111 for a single day at a local authority day centre.  Another will charge just £6.   Some councils have special categories that only they use such as “Sheltered Housing Cottages”.  Other services which are relatively newer like Telecare (remote monitoring and alarm systems) have a more consistent pricing policy, usually between £2-3 per week.  

Perhaps the clearest variation in charges can be seen in this map of Scotland.  The hourly rate for home care for each area is shown.  

The variation is shown from West Lothian with an hourly rate of £8.28 to Angus with an hourly rate of £23.70.   

Four councils from different parts of Scotland have the same rate of £11 but the remainder vary by significant amounts.  

What needs to be realised is that these hourly rates have NO connection to the actual cost of an hour of home care.    An hour of social care in Edinburgh can cost anything from £9.87 with one private care provider to over £25 an hour for home care provided by local authority staff yet if the council arrange it for you they will charge you £12.50 an hour for as long as you continue to receive that service.  

For Stage One the council adds together all the services e.g. home care, telecare and day care, that you receive into a single total and this becomes the maximum that you will have to pay.